Hereditary Capital – A Gift To Children, Grandchildren

The desire to leave a gift to the children and grandchildren inherit a decent commendable. But, often taking care of the hereditary human capital taken away from all the time and effort. Some try to invest in real estate, others – are developing their business, and others – set aside savings for a deposit at the bank. Most often, one can observe some combination of all of the above options. But they have a drawback – the difficulty in the management of hereditary capital and difficulty in obtaining it from the heirs. Judge for yourself – instead of living in the pleasure once again to rest or heal, the family breadwinner is forced to deal with buying a property, registration of various securities, drafting wills, etc. Yes, and future successors not to be envied – for adopting the ancestral capital to pay huge taxes, especially if you inherited a property or business.

Moreover, real estate can fall in price, business – bankrupt without an experienced manager, and pay tax on inheritance is still needed. Incidentally, the ancestral capital can only be obtained after 6 months, when will the waiting period for entry into the law of inheritance (unless, of course, inheritance disputes the someone else, then the wait can last for many years). All these inconveniences can be avoided if we take participate in a program of insurance which provides for a succession of capital and the simultaneous protection of the insured. Forming the ancestral capital of the insurance company. More civilized way leaving an inheritance – to generate it with the insurance company. Participation in the insurance program to avoid a number of problems associated with traditional transmission of the inheritance: no need to wait long six months until the inheritance will be processed properly, the ancestral capital paid in cash, which is very useful if your children and grandchildren are far from the basic knowledge of business and management real estate; insurance ancestral capital can not be challenged by other heirs – it is guaranteed to receive only the person who mentioned the beneficiary of the insurance contract, the sum insurance payments are guaranteed and can not be reduced (the size prescribed in the policy at the conclusion of the contract) there is a possibility of formation of the inheritance in a currency that is additional protection from inflation and other financial risks.