Hill Municipality

A look at our people step from the male, must its name to the fact that this place was necessary to scroll with mules or males by rough terrain, is a beautiful place, that invites you to rejoice both its beautiful scenery, and the surprising warmth radiating its inhabitants. Being that in 1889 it stands as village, Paso del Macho, it passes a town in 1903. It is located in the downtown area, mountainous State, in the coordinates 18 58 North latitude and 96 43 West longitude, at an altitude of 480 metres above the sea level. It borders North Zentla and Adalberto Tejeda, to the East with Carrillo Puerto; on the South by Cuitlahuac; on the West by Atoyac; to the Northwest by Tepatlaxco. Its distance to the SSE of the capital of the State is 70 Km.

The main commercial branch is the cane industry. While it is true that there are derived from this crop to other places in the region, the largest consumer of the raw material, is the ingenuity of the locality, Central progress. There are many recreational sites in the municipality, but I believe that the main tourist point are the Rivers, which attract people from many parts of the region and even the country. Is ultimately one of the most beautiful places that I have known, of which I am proud to say that I am a citizen, visit us! Potrero, the place of the water that flows written by Jose Marco Moncada Garay Friday 24 July 2009 19 Potrero, the place of the water running Potrero, is a place located in Atoyac (nahuatl a-toya Atoyac – k which means River, the water that flows), which is his real name: Miguel Aleman General Congregation. According to the results presented count II population and housing of 2005, the municipality have total 21,530 inhabitants. The municipality have established industries, among which we will find a small and a large companies; It is important to note that within these there is one export quality. Noteworthy are the industries of the sugar mill (El Potrero) that ranks second nationally in production of refined sugar, they also exist as derived from sugarcane distillery industry and trash.

There are also some benefits of coffee at low level. It has two tunnels constructed ex profeso for the passage of the train and made in 1876 and two seasons to date no longer will occupy and which have been granted for the care and maintenance of the Town Hall. It has arms left by the French on their way through the hills of the Chiquihuite in the year of 1865. The municipality is located in the central and mountainous area of the State, with significant irregularities like canyons and the Hill of the Chiquihuite, also found the Atoyac ravine through which flows the river of the same name. Step of the male neighbor, is a place where can come into contact with nature.