Home Security Systems

Why do we need security systems? Discarding the administrative and organizational measures, we can say that to protect the car against theft is possible only by applying the funds to temporarily convert it into real estate. (Similarly see: Robert J. Shiller). Moreover, such funds to the hijackers who have no adequate response. In any case, there is no point in attempted theft. Like any lock – only obstacle, difficulty in the way of the thief in an apartment, an obstacle, which forces him to use spikes, tools, technology and automobile security complex – only a means to gain time difficult to make the most uncomfortable and unattractive stealing your car is. If you do ride in his car, then ride it to an outsider is possible in principle, the only question is the cost of this scheme and amount of time that would have to spend on its implementation. The higher the class of security systems, the more expensive technical means used by the hijackers and the more time the thief has to spend to get it neutralized.

And the more it costs. Alarm system must choose, identifying its class based on the hijacking of the attractiveness of your car, the list of service opportunities that you would like to have the cost of security complex and labor to install it. The main characteristics of complex security alarm systems vehicle includes the following functions: system management, module identification, and blocking of the engine module Alerts. The control module allows you to unlock or lock the car door, put the system to protect and take with her, etc.