Absolutely involved in this eddy of life, that seapresentou me as full souvenirs of homesickness, I had a shock that me levous tears, when I came across myself with the station where it had to enter and same to semsaber because, it had that to embark in that train. I and my friends of day, was going up ede slowly head low, the steps that in them would take the platform of the train, when numcerto moment raised the head and could see that the people that they had arrived demim before, stopped when arriving at the top. He was there that I noticed that many of them leave correndoem direction to a gate, where to the side had a mountain of luggages. I had the seguiz impulse them but I was withheld by the couple queconheci at the beginning of the day, that they continued to say me to follow emfrente, not to lose more time contemplating things that more did not belong to me. At this moment, I felt my soul torn for pain doarrependimento not to have saboreado the things that had been offered nocaminho to me it brought that me until that station, and then left running in direction to the talporto I crossed and it, leaving there, my luggage. Already of the other side I saw, me, in one another road, with another luggage eum new ticket in the hands, but I came across with a new couple, not so old and nemto suffered how much the first one, but that they stimulated also me to follow emfrente. Looking at pair the road, I noticed that the previous one was equal, however, possua much more light, color and overflew life and joy. Looking at the interior of the luggage, I perceived that in it my life was contidatoda, each segu.