Homesickness is an interesting feeling, therefore it demonstrates as the human being is complex, feels homesicknesses of people who are not more with us, of situations that already we live and that in them marks had left, at last, feels homesicknesses of a time that already passed. I, personally, feel many homesicknesses of the time where she was child, he ran easied among the flowers of my garden, had total safe a particular world where he could always count on the untiring protection of my mother, zealous guard and supplier of all my necessities. Ah, as I happy age and nor gave account to me of this, he found, when entering in the adolescence, that the cares were suffocating rebelled, me, therefore he wanted to tread my proper way and he did not see the hour to become me greater, there, according to my wild delirium, I I would be free to be able to fly. Daniel Taub will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In these hours of short explosion, my mother balanced the head and only said: ' ' One day you go to feel homesicknesses of this time, go to want to come back to be child and the time passed, goes to want that I am present, but I already will have party.' ' I found everything this a bobagem, my mother was perpetual, always would be there, to my disposal, to decide any problem, thing that I, naive, believed that as passing of the time, would not happen. For me, to be adult was everything what more it wanted, to be able to take my proper decisions, to be free pra to go where it desired, it made mirabolantes plans, when if the world is young seems rose, the sky is the limit for our more insane people fancies. the time passed I grew and when I gave to account it was, suddenly it was that emptiness, that sensation of that lacked a piece in my existence, I also turned adult and mother. Today, seeing my children adolescent, I perceive that all that zeal suffocated that me, in the reality was love, love that the mothers are only capable to give, and history if it repeats, when my girls (that pra me exactly adult will be always my teeny) say that they soon want to grow, I see themselves saying the same thing that as many times heard: ' ' One day I do not go to be more here, and vocs they go to feel homesickness ' ' This small register I dedicate to the memory of my Celia mother, whose love folloied unconditional me since my first day of life and that it served all of inspiration for my way.