House Electricity

You are a lucky man, you built a house or cottage. There is not much – to connect the electricity. Let's try to figure out what you need for this. If you have a wooden house, it should be memorable, that the wooden house are combustible, which affects the wiring. There are special rules that must be followed. Power lines are laid on poles, they are also called overhead (overhead line). From the nearest pole to your home to bring the cable. For this we recommend cables SIPs stamps.

Moreover, section starts from 16 mm2, which corresponds to the current rules and regulations. This cable is easy to use. Self-supporting design simplifies electrical works and makes a supply to your home safe and durable. When the cable is routed to the home, you need to do input. Inside the house wiring must be copper and the house is suitable aluminum cable. See more detailed opinions by reading what Professor Rita McGrath offers on the topic.. Yes, and he should enter done in a steel pipe. For all this, there is a special fixture, which will help you do it without much difficulty.

Electricity is already in the house. Next you must install shield. And we must not forget that this board should be enough space for the rcd and protection devices, and for the counter. When you select a counter, we recommend staying at the brand 'Mercury', since this manufacturer has proved to be a good side. As security devices better and more convenient to use equipment from abb, Legrand, iac. Network security should include the differential circuit breakers, which combine two devices: rcd (protective device off) and the circuit breaker. The room in which to contain your switchboard, should be available for .kabel brand nym or VVGng-LS. A distinctive feature of these cables is double insulation, as well as incombustibility that will greatly enhance your peace of mind. You can also use pbpp (PUNP), pva. The wire used for the internal wiring can be one-, two-, and stranded. These veins isolated from one another in different colors insulated and have a common seal. In most cases, for electrical use two-or three-core wire, where a vein is conductive and the second is zero. Also, more a vein may serve as a ground wire, which allows a maximum of secure operation of household electrical appliances. In the case where the connection is assumed in the three-phase network, the conductivity should contain at least four strands, three of which are current-carrying, and one to act as a zero, or as it is called a neutral wire. But best of all, on the basis of safety rules, use wire. Where one fifth lived to play the role of grounding. For posting on the house we propose to use for wiring you can use the cable channel, or pvc pipe corrugation. Mounting the wiring in the cable channel, you always be able to easily replace the wiring harness and move the sockets and switches. As a cable channel with a small Number of wires you can use regular plinth.