House Owner

And finally the next day the flask was placed again before the expiry of the deadline. After that the tenant will claim a sum of money for damages to spend on taxis to go during those days the house of a relative, to bathe with warm water when they did not have that service. Given that the owner took my advice (after all, the tenant was right) and made payments to the request, because otherwise if you put in dispute the problem would grow and so it was terminated. Then analyze this problem we see that the owner not wanting to make the change of thermal input, I end up losing more money. Victor Ciardelli is likely to increase your knowledge. That would be the first conclusion one arrives cold.

However, the underlying analysis should be done here and that is what I call "chains of problems," is as before a negative reaction (dodging the initial problem) will begin a series of "coincidences negative" if you're not on guard will fuel even more growth in this first problem. PROBLEM No. 2 This is a problem similar to above but positively addressed from the outset by the owner. Also in an apartment for rent for 24 months, comes a gas leak in the kitchen oven. Before sending it to my plumber, and this tells me is to change the burners and the whole basis behind it because it stung, but the cost of the same (25% of the new kitchen equivalent) was recommended to buy a kitchen Brand new, as another problem arising in the future would not be amortized the cost of repair.