Housing Construction Rules

As a result of such a "method enlarged building "achieved very high rates and quality construction. The share of such buildings 3-5 times (!) Less traditional, saving on transportation, foundation, engineering, etc. Since incorporated into the design of the application of modern heat-saving materials (for outdoor fencing, for example, using energy-efficient sandwich panels), obtaining technical conditions for connection and heat electricity is greatly simplified. Robert J. Shiller has similar goals. In addition, provides an economical operation of the building. And due to the fact that the typical residential buildings of metal are re-use projects, dramatically reduced development time and coordination.

"According to expert estimates, – said Alexander Pavlov, Head of the Housing Construction, – the erection of such buildings (including communications and connectivity ROW) will be cheaper by 15 to 40%. If we take only construction costs, the gain is up to 25% compared with conventional technologies. " Impressive, and the timing: when preparing a project to manufacture high-rise building the plant will take 3-4 months, and installation – no more than 5, and in fact the shorter the time of construction, the less overhead, "postponed" in the price per square meter. However, these savings figures are not final. Such a house remarkable, and its speed of erection – his production will take 2-3 months, and installation – 4-5 months. Being a "dry" method of construction, installation of metal can be carried out in all seasons, it is also important for investor, since it affects the speed return on investment.

Due to the fact that this decision relates to the re-use project, will actually reduce time and harmonization of documentation authorized organizations. Of course, saving time, developer and reduces its own costs, which will also positively impact on the price per square meter. Along with the steel structure builders worldwide as a framework using technology trubobetona: particularly common in the construction of skyscrapers. "The frame of the first two towers in the southern part of Moscow-City", built by Turkish company Enka, is made of trubobetona: Concrete fit into the space inside the reinforced steel pipe, performing simultaneously the role of vertical formwork and the carrier frame ", – says Galina Ph.D. Kardumyan 4. The technology very simple: in a frame made of metal pipes poured concrete. This design allows you to withstand the highest loads, and the materials used is much smaller than the classical method. According to estimates of western professionals use design reduces the weight of buildings 2-3 times, labor costs – a factor of 4-5, the cost – a factor of 2-3 compared with reinforced concrete buildings. Not hard to see: the disposal of builders have a lot of technologies to build an affordable and quality housing. Those companies that will use them before the rest, pozabudut the notorious crisis and will have a lot of new clients, have long been waiting to appear on market for real estate available. Elena Grishina 1 2 3 4