How To Visually Enlarge The Space Of A Small Apartment ?

Small flat is quite possible to expand, albeit not at the expense of real square meters, but only visually. Due to some design decisions it will look much more spacious. Carry the wall, remove the doors of most radical solution – re-planning. In order not to suffer the anguish, you can combine several rooms into one, for example, a living room connected to the kitchen or hallway. As a result, you get more space. Kitchen area can be zonirovat with floor and wall coverings. For example, in the living room floor is laminate and the kitchen – ceramic floor tiles, walls, respectively – wallpaper and plastic panels. Hallway too great released by finishing materials.

Be sure to keep in mind that such changes need to be agreed. Do not rush to demolish the wall and hold the arch without permits. What changes permitted by law? This extension of the living space through the corridor, doorways and arches in the load-bearing structures in the presence of all the calculations and as an exception, after the consolidation of the walls, the device built-in furniture, not forming a separate room, moving household outdoor electric cookers in the dimensions of the kitchen space. This is quite enough to realize your dreams of a comfortable living space. But the dismantling of pillars, walls and beams, air reservoirs, immurement the walls of gas struts and wiring, increasing the area due to ancillary residential – all this is strictly prohibited. You can remove all the "extra" doors.