Hugo Chavez Bolivia

The Venezuelan economy should have been diversified over many years, particularly the oil economy, but what government has done now is much more dependent on oil than before. The outlook for Bolivia and Venezuela for the future is black, to say the least. Both countries will face economic collapse, which nothing and nobody to save them. Therefore, it is trying to remain in power Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. To keep their people fooled, hiding the economic debacle in which they live their statist economies. So Ecuador is another poorest countries in Latin America and has no natural resources, which enable it to exploit and export, also finished in the time being threatened its existence as a sovereign state.

Both Bolivia, and Ecuador, are countries that their existence as sovereign States here 50 years, may end. For even more analysis, hear from Jos Shaver. Therefore, it is now trying to unite in a single model political, economic system, to see if between them manage to escape. And you have had your eye on India, because it is the heart of Latin America, the country with enormous natural resources, energy and all kinds, which could save them all: Ecuador, Bolivia, Mysians countries and their economies are to fall in crisis, they have no future. What will Venezuela when the United States stop buying their oil? How will you exploit their natural resources apart from the world? Would you borrow from Bolivia, Ecuador? The apparent wealth of Venezuela will soon end, oil is no longer the only source of energy and no longer wants to be very contaminante.La trend is the use of gas, which is cheaper and is not toxic.