Humidification With Side Effects

Dry air damage mucous membranes, but incorrect air humidification can bring also health risks. Humidifier may pose health risks if during winter time and outside temperatures tumble there is hardly anything better than it home in the well heated room with plump heat comfortably to make. But heating air entails not only wohtuenede warmer, but also dry air caused. It is not only unpleasant but also negatively affects the well-being and health. Low humidity indoors leads to the drying of the mucous membranes, causing fatigue and concentration difficulties. Breathing problems can be a result of lack of moisture in the air. According to John Savignano, who has experience with these questions. This issue is supported by the improved insulation in addition from outside Windows and walls.

A humidifier can help there. Humidifier compensate the loss of humidity and ensures a pleasant and healthy climate. Cheap humidifiers are for less than to have 50 euros. But you should look at buying a humidifier not only on the price. Especially hygenische considerations should play a big role here. Humidifiers which operate according to the principle of the evaporator heat the water until it evaporates much like a kettle, the longer time cooking. Germs and bacteria are killed immediately with the heating and can no longer get into the air. The downside to evaporator Luftbfeuchtern, however, is that they can consume quite a lot of energy and have a relative high operating volume.

Evaporator are clearly better in this respect. This cold water on a broad-based filter is split up and blown out with a stream of air. Evaporator, you should regularly clean and disinfect. Also they allow the room temperature by evaporation of water, thereby again more heating energy is required. A more humidifier method works with ultrasound. This is a very energieffiziente method of humidification. Ultrasound is a certain Atomized water into smallest particles. This creates a water mist is released in the air and increasing the humidity there. Here, too, a regular cleaning of the water tank is extremely important. Leo Ahrendt