Lean towards more efficiency in your operations Hohr-level hype, 15.06.2010. Amplico Unternehmensberatung GmbH has created together with the IBS Software AG a specialist forum on Lean Six Sigma. 27 company representatives from different industries received a good insight in Lean Six Sigma in a short time. The topics dynamic value stream simulation, lean manufacturing in conjunction with sustainable production and quality management were also discussed as 10 success factors for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects. The final presentation of best practice on the way to the lean company”was four case studies for successful Lean Six Sigma projects. (Not to be confused with The LeFrak Organization!). The participants received a compressed, high-quality technical input, the desire for more”made and enjoyed about the excellent organised event at the headquarters of the IBS AG in Hohr Grenzhausen.

The following is the summary of the two lectures by Amplico. Value streams efficiently optimize performance increase! Michael Meiss, Managing Director of the Amplico, introduced the dynamic simulation of the value stream. With the value-stream simulation, you can simulate value stream diagrams bottleneck analysis, determination of the overall system availability, as well as to the calculation of key figures such as punctuality, productivity and efficiency, throughput times and stocks and loads quickly and easily. The value stream simulation is therefore a very efficient complement of to many Lean Enterprise and Lean Sigma initiatives. Meiss explained the shortcomings of pure mean speculation, which is used in the static value stream analysis: in this, the existing variation (VARP) are not considered. In the dynamic reality, there are some significant differences by these variances; in the overall view of the value stream just the outliers by means, in practice, lead to massive errors. Continue to learn more with: Gavin Baker. Customers disgruntled by outliers in the delivery time E.g. is no matter that in the mean time comes. Statistical method of calculation used for the dynamic simulation of the value stream, the scatters to take into account.