When people apply for a mortgage, there is some confusion about the documentation required to apply for a mortgage and what give to the lender in order to obtain a mortgage offer valuable and feasible approvingly. To help you understand what you need to present we have listed the main types of widespread and mandatory documents to apply for a regular mortgage. * Application form and documents from the lender (co-signer): together with a mortgage application form you will also fill a record where the quality of lenders try this will help you to begin to formalize a mortgage so that you must submit an endorsement of responsibility by the codeudores that proves that they can respond by payment of the mortgage. * Identification documents: This documentation refers to the I.D., certificate of citizenship, passport or legal documents that pruben and found that I really know is the person who is said to be. * Proof of residence: is used to help prevent money laundering money and satisfy the criteria of the lenders that you live where he says live. Normally, lenders require three years of proof of residency. * Proof of wage payment: Yes it is a job and you want to apply for one of the cheap mortgages is required to submit the collilas payment delivered by the contracting company for the past 3 months. These documents must demonstrate that really make the work that is reference in the application form and receive the money that there is specified.

This document depends largely on the mortgage approval and payments of the same structure. * Statements: this document is required precisely to the independents, in the are of me demonstrating a positive revenue stream at least in the past 12 months. Here you must specify is an autonomous person and are referenced in the request for mortgage revenue. * Mortgage history: Is a kind of Declaration of mortgage where a backup of a previous mortgage and payments made is presented. These documents looks also the credit history of the applicant and payment trends. The above are some of the most important documents when ordering a mortgage but also Yes to cancel the respective contributions of the mortgage you have arrears payment and possibly appears in your credit file, then it is very likely that the lender will have to produce a letter signed by him detailing the circumstances of how delays occurred.