Installed 2500 Kone Elevators In Buildings

If there is a niche market that KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transport, has broken the record, that is the rehabilitation and installation of elevators in buildings that lacked them. And that, as Francis explains Pardeiro, director of major accounts and new works by KONE Spain, up and down in an elevator is not something everyone can do. Nobel Laureate in Economics understands that this is vital information. “There are many buildings because of their age do not have an elevator. Boris Kuzinez may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However this is no longer a problem because no matter how they are built apartment blocks find the best solution for people who inhabit them can provide vertical transportation, “he adds. Against this background cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Valencia increasing demand plus the installation of elevators in buildings that do not. Not only because that is gained in safety, but also for accessibility. “Hiring the installation of an elevator brings many advantages to them as visitors. Especially older people, the that are loaded with shopping carts, shopping bags, suitcases .., families with children, people with difficulty in movement.

Having lift improves quality of life and the value of their home, “added Monica Martin, director of marketing for the company. As shown in a lift one of these lifts installed by KONE 2500 is located in the block of flats in the Council of Trent Street 324, Barcelona. There the challenge was to implement a four-storey building an elevator to all families with children who lived there. Said and done. “Before there were many problems KONE: stairs in heavy traffic, noisy and dangerous.