Installing Doors

School repairs, or what should be an opening! Before proceeding to the walls and floor should be understood that interroom door is an essential element of any interior, and you still have to install it! In order to avoid faced with a situation where the walls have to finish modifying, or order custom doors that are usually more expensive by 30-50% is necessary to determine the size of the opening. The first thing you have to do – is to stop the look at the variety of interior doors and their manufacturers. The bulk of the doors of imported and domestically produced goods are available in standard sizes: height 2000 mm. width of 600, 700, 800 mm. Some manufacturers offer as a standard width of 550 mm with a height of 1900 mm. and consider the standard width of 900 mm.

The thickness of the boxes varies from 15 mm to 40 mm. All this is very important when calculating the size of the opening. If you have not given the values of the importance of these dimensions, may face a problem when the door with a box (door unit) does not fit into the opening, as a consequence of the expansion of the opening, which in some cases it is impossible in principle because of the design features walls and layouts of apartments. The only option is a non-standard door sizes, and this is a significant overpayment. Or conversely, the opening is too large, which is necessary to narrow down, for what you pay extra for most organizations specializing to install the doors.