Interior Design

What we design? At the writing of this article has prompted me to another interesting idea that could not be more accurately determine for whom and for what we design. The idea was voiced in the movie called "The Lake House." Of course, the movie is to design a little remote, but there are often flashed on the thought close to us with your theme, as one of the main characters was an architect. But back to the thought, that sounds roughly like this: "… He designs buildings, not homes." But really, if you think about this expression of how we meet that for which relatively speaking, and work. For example, I often I catch myself thinking that developing a facade or interior I have more concern is what if this turns out track. Ratio, proportion, layout. That's all nice, but do not forget about how it will be convenient to use.

After all, in essence making the project, the designer forgets about it. But if we try to give the job a designer to do something for themselves. Have you ever tried to design something for yourself? The simplest, perhaps, is the design for a private home. Or, even easier to try to develop the interior for his apartment. Everything goes very well and very interesting, because fantasy when it is absolutely nothing limited. And you can do anything. Now try to imagine, or rather not to submit, and you look far enough into the future and to draw attention to two points.