Interior Dining Room

Place to eat should be located near the kitchen and not near the entrance to the house. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert J. Shiller. Of course, if you do not like guests, watching from behind the desk at the main door, and seeing in it a retreat and flee after a meal, then can not even hide it from satiated guests. Comfort, subject guests in the dining room should not be violated nor too close against the wall table or piece of furniture or interior of a sudden chilling of the trapeznichayuschego. The interior should not cause embarrassment. Do not forget about the impression.

Man remembers it, eating and everything connected with it. Do not skimp on the size of the dining room. Using the living room to dining rooms to not hurt your image. If you do not have a dining room table, think about the rounded shape design. Feng Shui in the repair endorses the absence of corners. This will help you avoid injury and not get a bump from an acute angle. As has been said about the role of the mirrors in the interior of feng shui: they create the volume, add area, well, a little, purely visual multiply the number of dishes on the dinner table. Continued at the link bottom