Japan Good

In one of my lessons it argued with the administration pupils on the Brazilian politics. It is natural that the negative points had been cited. Credit: John Savignano-2011. We even remember certain representative who is very known by the jargon: ' ' it steals, but it makes! ' ' , but that, however, he is free and still it is leader of its party. We also speak of the difference of culture between the countries, for example, it enters the culture of the Japanese people and ours. A pupil said that, while Japan needed months to reconstruct what it was destroyed by the Tsunami, in years we do not obtain to substitute the houses of a small slum quarter of a capital any, for more decent housings. while there, pensioners if had offered to at risk substitute the young workers of the nuclear plants, here, some traders if they had used to advantage of catastrophes to increase the prices of basic item for survival of the reached families, as it was the case of the nonsense increase of the price of the water, food and gas in the regions reached for rains of the last months.

When seeing in the TV mansions constructed for Brazilian entrepreneurs in way the ambient reserves, whose constructions certainly are ' ' legalizadas' ' , due to emission of authorizations and findings signed for corrupt public officers or, at least, imcompetent people, who do not represent the classroom; I was ashamed, and per some instants I closed my eyes and I asked for the God who has mercy of us. We have to admit, our culture based on the egoism and good represented for ' ' Law of Gerson' ' it delays the development of the country. Still well that it is not the majority that if delivers to the bad behavior, however, when I reflect on the evil and the good, I think about a tree, therefore if it delays years to grow and to give good fruits, in few minutes can be knocked down and forest fire.