Before coming into contact with any vending company to hire na machine coffee vending, is important to have some aspects: the number expected Journal of drinks a general rule is that the average consumption is 1.5 cafes day per employee, or double if the machine dispense drinks free of charge. There are intermediate options where you can put a price subsidised form that the employee pays half of the coffee and the company the other half. Adverum pursues this goal as well. The product type that we normally need need a coffee machine. But we must take into account that many people drink decaffeinated or herbal teas. There is that considering that the more complex is the machine mayor will be the csot of its maintenance and the machine itself free or currency. The second decision we have to take is whether we will put free vending machines it or we will charge for the services. Offer free coffees can exploit it as part of your customer service policy.

It can also help increase productivity in their employees. Of course we need to assess the monthly cost machine it implies maintaining expendora in these conditions. Another option is to put a price that covers the costs. Anyway you can try for u time with both options to best interests. The placement and the machine in the Office is important. Machines many times need a water supply. If you are going to use as customer service, you need to put on a standby site, whether to use employees, need to put up an office.