Kiev Apartment Repair

In our country, so is that the apartment is not only a place for a family pastime, but is also a certain measure of living standards of its owners, social welfare. Doors that squeak, rickety piers all this puts pressure on our subconscious. And of course sooner or later come to mind the idea that you need to change the apartment for something. Once in the head, new ideas about design, remodeling homes. Then everything As always, you are buying all the necessary materials, looking for a professional team of craftsmen, discuss with them the future interior, they prompt, it is better and how to do it. But before so fully plunge in for repair, you must know what a good renovation is not limited to the modern European building materials, and includes advanced technology, a new approach to repair. Every building begins with a professional job.

Once they wherever possible. Purchase all the necessary materials and selection of workers also rests on the shoulders of the designer. After the work will be divided into three stages: redevelopment of the walls, takes 3-4 days; installing plumbing, if you do not need to replace all pipes, then the installation will take several hours, wiring, preferably during the repair to replace the old aluminum wiring, finishing walls and ceilings – the ceilings and walls are aligned, pasting wallpaper; further warming floors, laying linoleum, parquet or laminate, the next stage of the brigade engaged in laying tile in the bathroom and toilet. Desirable to use a liquid wallpaper or tile, installation of furniture, this final stage, but not Last on the significance of stage repair of an apartment. Its still better to hold in the presence of the customer. Professional renovation – this is comfort and beauty, modesty and refinement, by using modern building materials.

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