Krasnodar Real Estate

Overview of the real estate market of Krasnodar. The real estate market of Krasnodar is developing rapidly. It is worth noting that the construction of residential and cottage facilities process is not completed, construction firms understand that there is also a need for commercial, retail and entertainment areas, indoor warehouses. For an overview of the real estate market, we consider each category separately. Overview of residential buildings in Krasnodar. Overview of real estate has shown that for 2007-2008 in Krasnodar were put into operation 1.56 million square meters of housing. In comparison – the same figures of the previous interim period of time lower by as much as forty percent! According to the results analysis of real estate market of Krasnodar, the city has about 40 construction companies, the main of which are: "Development-Yug '(more than 18% of the total built-up), Inc.' Europa-Invest '(8%),' Kiik '(7% ), Inc.

'HBS-Invest' (7%), ooo ' South' (5%). Used in general 4 Technology Built Property: solid, brick, block, as well as panel construction technology. But the most common of them is monolithic (sixty percent of all new buildings constructed on its basis). The cost of one square. meters of living space in new building in Krasnodar 48,955 rubles. – Is the average price. So, consider these figures in more detail, namely, the examples of the different segments: economy, real estate valued at 43,000 rubles. per m and the minimum value is 32,000, the middle class was estimated at 49,000 rubles., a business class at 52,000., an elite class of 83,000 rubles., and its maximum cost is approximately one hundred thousand.