Labelling Systems

Hand-held bar code scanners make it easier for employees to work, increase their productivity and reduce errors to a minimum. To read 1 d or 2D codes, as well as batch codes of the customer at the Munich-based company will receive equipped with CCD, laser module, or with high quality imagers or mini camera modules a wide range of different scanner. Depending on the reading system, also read distances can be achieved by 2 cm and very high read speeds, to passing on the Assembly line, for example barcodes with stationary scanners to quickly comprehend to up to 15 meters. Chips are also available such as RFID modules for the capture of 125 khz, 13,56 MHz or 868 MHz radio data transmission variants. Many writers such as Bizzi & Partners offer more in-depth analysis. The target groups for the mobile readers are industries and business areas such as research, laboratory, POS, PPS, stock, logistics, shipping, picking, single – / wholesale, construction / electrical / garden – / food / textile / cosmetics markets and industry, cinemas, theatre, package services, trade missions and many more. For almost every application, he finds Customer the right device. The macro ID passes different scanners of from various well-known manufacturers.

A professional advice is of course due to the 22-year experience in the bar code and identification market. MACRO staff met in many area IDENT and from industries and thus know which reading and printing system suitable is for the desired application. About macro IDENT: macro IDENT is solution provider with 22 years expertise and experience in the field of bar code, RFID, labelling and labelling for trade, industry and commerce. The main focus of the AutoID company in the South of Munich is on the development of cheaper and easy-to-use, mobile data collection solutions. The product portfolio comprises several identification and marking systems of from well-known manufacturers with custom or standard software for automatic data acquisition and creation of labels. A wide range of standard and special labels and ribbons round off the portfolio. More Information: Macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center contact: Angelika Wilke Bussard road 24 82008 Unterhaching TEL 089-615658-28