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Not an echo of earthly beings under the Mediterranean moon! Jules Laforgue.o in the past, when I think of the history of French Symbolism VOICE earlier compositions of the French poet Jules Laforgue, who died too young, clearly respond to the aesthetic of Symbolism-motion is considered one of its main masters-but his final poems, filled with ironic and irreverent dyes distanced themselves from the severity metric and leaned stylistic experimentation. True poet, whose verses, freedom in the metric amount, show an original and poignant sincerity. In the work of Laforgue is a constant reference to the poetic unconscious and an obsession with the transience of human existence: its exaggerated pessimism and bitterness is a true reflection of the existential questions of the time. Considered one of the fathers of verse free, his poetry came to exert great influence over some of the most famous growers of this genre in the twentieth century, including TS Eliot and Guillaume Apollinaire. Jules Laforgue was born in Montevideo on August 16, 1860 and died in Paris on August 20, 1887, a hereditary tuberculosis, just turned twenty-seven. His father was a professor of literature and his mother also based in Uruguay, was the daughter of a family dedicated to the footwear trade. Soon moved with his parents to France, specifically to Tarbes, southern France, where the father was born.

He studied at Tarbes and later in Paris, worked in various magazines and from 1881 to 1886 he was reader in Berlin of the Empress Augusta, wife of William I. In 1886 he married the English Leah Lee in London. Living Laforgue published only two collections of poems The Lamentations (1885) and Imitation of the Moon (1886) saw the light posthumously his last verses (1890), and in 1894, her Complete Poems. Was author plus legendary Morals (1887), six stories philosophical prose. Jules Laforgue besides being the precursor of Symbolist art in France spread the work of Walt Whitman’s poetry and conceived as an instrument of personal salvation. His poetry is not written in letters of living dead but with words. And as I said the French poet: “Verses are not poetry, poetry is not poetry.” Francisco Arias Solis How easy it is to drown the cry of conscience when it has gotten calloused heart! (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:.