Lower Jurassic

Information about these tours can be obtained from the various hotels in the bureau's information Cubanacan, located next to the library, in the Visitors Center Vinales National Park and the Municipal Office of Equity, which is in the Municipal History Museum Azcuy Adela Labrador. Vinales is bordered by elevations, which are two different types: metamorphic and carbonated. The metamorphic rocks of the hills, known as Slate Heights, are the oldest in the area, Lower Jurassic, about 250 million years. They are located south of the Valley and they are the hotels with jasmine and La Ermita, in addition to the Park Visitor Center National Vinales. These elevations are gentle and very gentle slope. On them growing pines (Pinus caribaea caribaea variety) and tropical Pinus (two endemic) and oak (Quercus oleoides sagraeana variety), all endemic. It is on these elevations and the Vinales Valley where they are designed almost all the routes listed above.

The information on these and general nature of everything related to the area is provided in the Visitor Center National Park, near the Hotel Los Jasmines, and at the municipal office of Heritage, located in the Municipal Museum in the town of Vinales. Elevations above carbonate rocks are known as hummocks. Some, skirt around the Valley Vinales, while others are in the same valley or spreading to the east, north and west of Vinales. The highest point of the entire town is on such lifts. The age of the rocks are middle to upper Jurassic. They are the most valuable areas of the National Park and so on them there is only one path of high value, as seen only coordinates with the Vinales National Park.