Its children are involved in tragedies, between them the episode of one of them to have raped the proper sister, son of Davi with another mother. Later, this son was assassinated by a brother. If he had not been magnetized for the golden glory and that the church conferred it for all these centuries; for the opposite, if it lived today, under gide of the moral values contemporaries and under the prism of all the historical building of laws and institutions that civilize the men, Davi still would be seen as a hero? Or would be one crpula? Would deserve it honor to have been sculptured for a Michelangelo? Oh, pulguinha does not stop to cry out in my ear, it wants that I say. Not, pulguinha. I am against the barbarity, am against Hitler and all the imperialistas governing.

I am against Davi, Alexander, the Great one, Jlio Cesar and Napoleo. All they had been murderous. At least it is what it says the my sensitivity to me molded for the civilizatrios values contemporaries. Who knows if I was Jewish at the time of Davi, I would adore it to I. Or Macedonian in the times of Alexander, the Great one; Roman in the years of Jlio Cesar; Frenchman in the gone ones of Napoleo.

Perhaps I would adore all they. But today, citizen of the world contemporary, I have to all as tyrannous. All good, pulguinha, you were successful, I you say, at last, I you say: ' ' Hitler would be a Davi, a Biblical hero, if it had lived at the time of this; perhaps Davi, one crpula, an ominous one, as well as Hitler, was born in century XX' '. (August Andres Passari, doctor psychiatrist and writer, author of ' ' Fragmentos of the Tempo' ' , artepaubrasil publishing company)