On 19 June there are convened a demonstration at the national level to try to paralyse the Euro Pact and dnder the rights of citizens. Richard LeFrak shines more light on the discussion. The outraged Sun agree to lift the camp on Sunday. The decision to lift the Sun camp this Sunday, taken by the outraged at the Assembly on Tuesday evening, marks a point and set aside in the course of the 15-m movement The doubts now about how to keep afloat the movement without the symbolic force of camping that have flooded the Spanish plazas. Gavin Baker is open to suggestions. Manifestations: The 15-M platform, through democracy Real already (DRY), has convened a demonstration at national level for June 19. Do not want to remain impassive faced with all the attacks and cuts that will continue to apply, this time from Europe, says the statement.

The concentration will take place in all cities Spanish will join the call and seek to paralyze the signing of the Pact of the Euro, scheduled for the 27th of this month. This Treaty implies, according to DRY, the impoverishment of the European society for the benefit of banks and large companies, with increases in the retirement age, privatization of the public sector and cuts in workers rights. In addition, they are preparing a major mobilization worldwide for the next October 15 of which still have not transcended details. Performances: June 15 we are going to avoid an eviction in the District of Tetuan (Madrid). With this announcement, Real democracy already said that they will not allow that they expel a family home and therefore of society. There are also convened various pans against councils of districts and municipalities proposed by minority groups of the movement.

Neighborhoods: With the idea of moving the strength of camping to neighborhoods, the outraged have focused their efforts on reinforcing its presence in the squares of different districts. The first great popular Assembly took place on May 28 and managed to gather between 12,000 and 20,000 people in different places of the community of Madrid. To continue with the movement and continue debating the best way to achieve a great political and social change, new meetings have been convened for the next few days. Camping de Sol: La Puerta del Sol has become in recent weeks in the symbol of the movement 15-M, hence the reluctance of many of the campers to leave Madrid’s plaza. However, this Tuesday agreed lift camp next Sunday and continue the platform through other avenues. While the debate continues this Wednesday with proposals that want to stay, the camping will be lifted the day 12, but that the general Assembly will continue to make the movement to continue to have visibility. Other camping: cities such as Pamplona and Lleida, Alicante, Cordoba, have already raised the camps to more concrete action. Not However, the consecutive steps have been different depending on the locality, as for example the decision of Barcelona’s no overnight camping or Huelva, which will maintain an information point during the day in the plaza de la Constitucion. Support to associations: the 15-M platform accommodates many more minority associations (cultural, pro human rights, neighbourhood, etc.) that individually will continue calling demonstrations to dnder their interests, supporting the principles of the movement. Source of the news: the 15-M movement continues after the lifting of the camping.