Mass Production

The Meldorek company has taken on the challenge of adapting to the Argentina Mobile Matrix system, which allows to produce series homes, classrooms and health units. This system is based on construction in line of the entire unit, being one of its central features injection automatically from the polystyrene aka styrofoam which then expands with cement. This system allows increasing the speed by replacing the manual injection.The company has reported that their buildings can perfectly achieve 20 floors in height, and they adapt easily to any architectural structure.The central core of the building is the modular panel. The same, built based on polystyrene expanded with cement, is then reinforced with a network of steel wires that make it possible to support tractions of up to 5,500 kilograms per square centimeter. The characteristic of these panels width is 1.20 meters, while its thickness can vary between 4 and 25 centimeters, depending on the weather in the area where the future home, classroom, or health unit is installed.This system of production in series of homes allows you to equip the units built with highly favorable characteristics, including its speed of construction, and its low cost (estimated that the same can be reduced in up to 50%).

In addition, construction is earthquake resistant, and offers thermal and acoustic insulation. By the same author: Richard LeFrak. On the other hand, dwellings are also flame retardant and water-repellent, require no maintenance due to the concrete that are built, and are capable of withstanding impacts both hurricanes (in the United States were adopted in this regard).The units are also extremely ecological and accessible; ecological since thermal insulation enables to significantly decrease energy expenditure, and also the materials used for the serial production of these homes are not harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the fact of producing in series allows that they are much cheaper. Finally, the homes are much more hygienic, since they do not allow the breeding of insects or other pests as the vinchuca.