Mechanical Keyboards And Their Advantage

What can a mechanical keyboard really? And why should you be concerned about a purchase? Long time it was quiet around the mechanical keyboards, but now many manufacturers such as Cherry, Raptor, SteelSeries and Razer have a wide range of different mechanical keyboards. John Savignan oftentimes addresses this issue. Why the trend is back to mechanical keyboards is reflected in the article. Are mechanical keyboards what? The mechanical keyboard is not a new invention, and is in principle already as long as the first computer. The mechanical keyboard was replaced only in the course of time by the rubber dome keyboard. But now celebrates a comeback because the Tippeigenschafften as much better be classified. Mechanical keyboards work by springs, which depress the keys upward. Why should you pick up such keyboards? First, the processing of a mechanical keyboard is much better than that of rubber dome keyboards and thus has a shelf life of approximately 50 million attacks instead of about 5 million. A further advantage is the constant Keystroke behaviour.

While a rubber dome starts keyboard after a few weeks to feel spongy and the anchor of the keyboard no longer is the same as for the purchase, the tip behavior of a mechanical keyboard always remains the same. Also, a mechanical keyboard provides additional features aimed at improving the Tippeigenschafften E.g. a metal plate. This plate ensures that the keys while the lugs are caught and thus the life span can be increased even further. In addition, there are several types of keyboards, which differ significantly in the keystroke behaviour.

Overview of the switch, the current leader of the mechanical switch is cherry. You can produce a greater number of different MX switches, providing the right fence for every taste. Below describe the various short overview: MX-black linear (no resistance) no pressure point (similar to the rubber dome technology) often easily popular with players MX-Brown nonlinear slight increase of resistance, Pressure point erfuhlbar popular with Vielschreibern MX-blue non-linearly, slight increase in resistance pressure point erfuhlbar at Vielschreibern popular click sound MX-clear as MX-Browns, but significantly stronger resistance at the press and the pressure point is schwerergangier MX-red MX-blacks, but less resistance when pressed also if players very popular tools because the trend which will always continue to take mechanical keyboards and is there for the keyboards parts (rubber domes is this not typical), there to buy some spare parts for the keyboards. Typical spare parts: new keys (caps), colorful, normal replacement keys, etc switch can be replaced you can learn more about these features on mechanical keyboards / see. Sergey Kaiser