Merian Code

New release in the scholz specialist Publisher: A thriller by the author of Rebecca Abrantes Hamburg, 05.03.2009 – In the scholz Fachverlag appears the title “The Merian-code – encrypted threat” on March 18, 2009. A film by Rebecca Abrantes. In this thriller, Rebecca Abrantes writes about the student Charleen de Marco, who comes by chance into the possession of a politically charged disk. After she witness of a murder, she knows that her life depends on only the decryption of sensitive data. With the help of Dr. Sam Browning, a lecturer of computer science at the TU Berlin, she goes looking for traces. What role does the Merian Bible, and what has to hide her mysterious neighbor? In addition, they are not the only ones who have an interest in the data. A merciless hunt begins a gripping staged and written book.

Rebecca Abrantes sees it, an adventure to an encrypted CD, not only in a suspenseful story, but also with ironic humor, against the background of a sensitive, erotic Love story, to pack. This book captivates the reader from the first to the last page. The book can be ordered through the Bookstore at the price of EUR 8.95 ISBN 978-3-941653-00-9 320 pages, Softcover film scholz television ABC Fachverlag of e. K. Dassauweg 4a D-22145 Hamburg Tel.: 0 40 6 78 17 04 fax: 0 40 6 78 28 33 press contact: Rolf Krahl