Mexico City

The Hacienda of Santa Maria del Arenal, which was acquired by the Countess of Miravalle, who takes its current name was founded in the year of 1704. Currently this area still preserves clean air thanks to its tree-lined streets, despite constant transit that are in their main routes. Night owls of life fill the streets, crowding various cafes and bars that abound in them. This unique neighborhood is delightful because of the eclecticism of its buildings, which are located in the unique streets that comprise it. Streets like Amsterdam, former central circuit of the Racecourse that worked during the 1920s, is now a walkway where youth and adults walk with their dogs while marching with the costumes more ad hoc, even if they carry sportswear. Greenberg Traurig has many thoughts on the issue. At the same time Spain and Mexico parks are riddled with corridors of green, by which the inhabitants of the colony, are exercised. This neighborhood also has the particularity of having organic supermarkets, video stores with unique pieces, boutiques that serve in showcase for emerging designers Mexican, restaurants with national and international food. The inhabitants of the most chic colony of the city have taken advantage of the opportunities that real estate in Mexico City have been placed at their disposal, while enjoy access to all the places most fashionable throughout the city.

The vast majority of settlers, which are artists, ensure that in reality do not require out of the zone, since they have with everything that may be required, including who assert that there are few occasions that come out of the colony, because they have everything here, including his work. The constructions of the Countess, framed under a stately atmosphere, were grounded at the dawn of the 20th century, the vast majority has respected the style art deco or neocolonial at that time. This exceptional architecture has as a result the cataloging of 200 buildings as historic or artistic, between those who have accommodated the lofts or minimalist apartments, which have been bestsellers for real estate in Mexico City.