Mini Games

The popularity of mini games in Russia is growing every year more intense and more intense, and according to available statistics, the demand far exceeds supply. This can be explained by the availability of such games that have yet the name of the office, and addictive. Indeed, by the beauty and complexity of the mini games are far superior conventional flash games – Solitaire and Klondike, and installation requires no special additional resources and volume were not great. One of the genres, the most widespread are the mini-games business, or business simulations, whose name speaks for itself. On the domestic spaces of the Internet sites rather that offer business games download for free in virtually unlimited quantities.

We all want to have the opportunity to try their hand at such a delicate matter, as the device of their own business. The first appeared mini game business has some primitivism is not just graphics, but also the complexity of assigned tasks. All you need to do to the player, it is basically wait on table, running from table to table, fulfilling the whims of customers, or grow a variety of cereals and vegetables on their farms and sell mature products on the market. However, in the process of evolution is not so much technical ability and imagination of developers as due to increasing demands and needs of players who have craved all the more difficult tasks, mini-games have turned into real business benefits for future tycoons of railways, construction sites kings, tycoons, oil sheiks and oligarchs of real estate. A detailed and well thought-out mini-games designed business able to capture the player many hours of gameplay. This genre is not the target audience itself. And the fans relaxing games of the genre, “three-in-line” and arcade “shooter” with pleasure paved highway through the thick forest, erected in the slums of mighty skyscrapers, supermarkets open with only one purpose – to round off their bank account to an incredible number of zeros and conquer the world, becoming the monopoly of the market.