Modern Houses

To say modern houses usually understood as those homes now being built, the houses in recent times. But there is an architectural style, the modern style that defines the layout of a House and starts at the beginning of the 20th century, when there was a change in the way of doing a housing related mainly with the 2nd. Industrial Revolution by available materials and the use of electricity. Modern houses cater more functionality than decoration, are simple without ornamentation and more efficient as homes. When we say modern houses it can mean style modern cottages or houses old, those typical of the architecture of the present, in this case the style not seen can be contemporary, minimalist, Ultramoderno, postmodern and so. Today is not always easy to define the style of a modern House.

So it is that say modern homes may have different meaning for a person with no knowledge of architecture than for an architect. There are some general guidelines of design that serve to help define what It is a modern House, and coincide with the idea that anyone has that, more or less, is a modern House. When the first houses appeared modern style were simple, rational, buildings with doors, roofs and Windows of low height compared to as, long time ago, they had been building. Electricity and electric lights allowed to operate a House closed and more compact. Below you can review postings in this blog of architecture devoted to modern houses. Leave your opinion in a comment from one of the blogs you visit. Let me know what you think.

Follow this link to see pictures of modern homes. Anyway please note that each post is illustrated with photos. Modern houses are simpler, without ornaments are designed by their functions. So the decor is an accessory associated with the personality and tastes of the owners.