Monolithic Construction

High-rise building – the technology of construction of buildings of reinforced concrete, which allows you to quickly erect buildings and virtually any number of storeys and forms. The basic principle of the monolithic construction that carries the skeleton of the building is made of solid concrete. Due to the ongoing concrete skeleton "grows" from floor to floor. Concrete is poured into the formwork, which can be relatively cheap wood, and can be expensive aluminum or steel. On the structural strength does not affect the form formwork rather depends on this "presentation" of the monolith. Decking is removable (after the concrete hardens, it is removed, as mold) and non-removable.

In recent years, is increasingly being applied is a fixed timbering due to a mass of benefits. Among them we mention cheap, improved noise insulation, the temperature and humidity conditions for freezing and most importantly, a year-round cycle of construction (cast house with removable formwork can be built only in the spring and summer). The process of monolithic construction consists of the following process steps: * installation of formwork, reinforcement * * Laying and compacting of concrete; * curing and removal of formwork. In the construction is mainly used folding-formwork of wood, metal or composite frame shields. Reinforcing steel, depending on the mechanical properties apply to different classes.

For each class of hot-rolled reinforcing steel, depending on its chemical composition is set out certain brands (CLT, ST5, and 18G2S etc.). For reinforcement of prestressed structures than artificial valves used high beams, skeins, which are made of high strength wire with a diameter of 3 mm, and the ropes of several hanks. Together with steel reinforcement for concrete reinforcement in some cases can be used fiberglass reinforcement, which is not inferior to its strength steel wire, is several times less weight and more, in comparison with steel reinforcement, and resistance to corrosive influences. In the construction of the extensive use of mesh reinforcement in the form of flat products and coils. For reinforcement of beams, girders,-runs produce flat or spatial reinforcement cages. Create designs poured concrete and compacted. Advantages of monolithic construction: * Short of erecting buildings * Relatively low cost * The ability to construct buildings and structures of any shape and form, creating an open-plan space * High Fire Designs * High * No seismic joints Shortcomings monolithic construction: * The low strength at large mass (eg concrete strength is 10 times less than the strength of steel) * High complexity (compared with frame-and-panel construction)