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Telephone solutions for sales optimization: the best tips to the new possibilities of VoIP telephony for work. Robert J. Shillers opinions are not widely known. SIPbase / Berlin – want to stay who distributed the ball, which needs a modern telecommunications solution to optimize customer dialogues. Have you already found your? Still trying to find their way in the jungle of technical terms? VoIP telephony gives companies a secure, flexible, and efficient transformation of their sales activities. Customer-oriented complete solutions in the field of VoIP telephony specially for distribution companies are still hard to find. The right telephone solution at the right time ensures however decisive competitive advantages and improved accessibility for those interested, without taxing people more.

Therefore it is worth to look, which really meets the special needs of the sales in finding the right technology for a solution: companies should prefer to optimize sales structures just put on a provider who has the necessary experience in the field of VoIP telephony for distributors a telephony solution, which enables, new telephone numbers, locations or employees at any time in the internal system to integrate and to link, creates a system that is stored on the server of the provider maximum flexibility, should be globally accessible and without greater technical knowledge at any time can be adapted to new conditions a flexible cost accounting, pay at the company only for the technologies and extensions, which will use them, significantly contributes to the cost savings a suitable VoIP PBX offers a unlimited expandability of the system with minimal investment costs and allows phone instantly from anywhere the customer with any suitable VoIP access on the Web easily and efficiently: SIPbase phone solutions to optimize sales company description as a VoIP provider offers modern voice SIPbase over IP (VoIP) business solutions and innovative communication solutions from a single source. In addition to the classical IP telephony, you will find with SIBbase your partner for VoIP services and value-added services. This includes the use of a hosted PBX (IP Centrex solution) or Virtual PBX. For the migration of a local telephone system, our ISDN BOX is the right choice. We help you with our versatile communication solutions integrating VoIP into your infrastructure. Company contact: SIPbase / reventix GmbH (Managing Director) Michael Kundt Lutzowstrasse 106 10785 Berlin Tel: + 49-30-3464660 email: Web: PR contact: ex Palas UG F. Alexander Kep sand 61, 60316 Frankfurt am Main Tel: + 49-69-71670771 E-Mail: Web: