Mortgage Payments

If you're not one of those who are willing to delay for years the coins in the little chest, and want as soon as possible to move to their own housing, the mortgage – this is just what you need. Why then in our time, when a person wants to arrange a mortgage others begin to dissuade him: 'Why do you need? It is better to postpone the money slowly and eventually accumulate. After all, when you lose a lot of mortgage bucks. " But there is no denying the fact that if you pay a mortgage greater amount than the usual purchase of the same apartment. After all, this entire operation is called a mortgage. And while paying the loan must always pay interest, even if you say the percentage is zero. The main plus mortgage – is that you can immediately enter into your chosen apartment.

The whole process of entry into the mortgage begins for you with the most interesting and at the same time difficult stage – the choice of apartments. 1) Selection of an apartment. Certainly in our time the housing market is not functioning very hard – every day brings new proposal to buy and sell apartments. But believe me – to find a suitable apartment is not easy. This is not a purchase shoes that you will throw the following season. You are looking for a suitable abstanovku, area, footage of which you will live may be a year, maybe two, and possibly for life. Especially to be noted that most Sellers do not want to deal with a mortgage. For more information see this site: expert on growth strategy.

There are many reasons. First, the salespeople are afraid to get 'under the tax. " Second, the mortgage requires a large number of documents that delays the process of registration. Then, with the finding suitable apartment you pass away to make a down payment. 2) advance payment means by itself that you are giving the owner an advance payment for the apartment of his confidence that the deal goes through, in order. that he no longer sought buyers. Advance payment at the conclusion of the mortgage transaction requires a more careful approach, unnecessarily seller can announce some of the conditions that you are not too favorable. For example, in the event of bank transactions from the owner can leave advance himself, and so on 3) Next, as in all cases, the clearance of the transaction or what is infinitely long and terribly tedious process called – collection dokumentov.Pomimo normal documents required when buying any property, you also need to have the certificates on your income. Any bank, no matter what he did not offer you a 'super condition' wants to be sure your ability to pay the loan. . So you remember the long address of all authorities in your area and voice their heads and wait for 30 minutes opazdavshego bus will seem a breeze after you killometrovyh queues. 4) Finally we reached the very final – the signing of the contract mortgage lending. Here's our first advice to you: good night's sleep prered this event. No gulyanok and parties. You must clearly and soberly come to the conclusion of the contract, carefully grasp the meaning of every line. Remember, even one word can change the nature of the proposal. It is best to take a specialist, because of all the nuances and details can observe only a true professional. Be generous, because at stake is not small money.