Moscow Real Estate

For nearly 10 years ago in Moscow, in the district Nikulino-2, with the participation of Defense Ministry and the St. Petersburg Military Engineering Technical University was built such a house. However, these homes not classified as available real estate. The introduction of energy efficient technologies initially increase the cost of the project by 10%. For the application to the sewer system is required to double the number of risers. In addition, necessary heat pumps, which today is expensive. Another factor is cost of living – heat transfer device, in particular – plate heat exchanger, which must buy abroad.

– Can the domestic companies to master the production of this equipment? – First, experience has shown that some devices need to be adapted to domestic conditions. Thus, in one of the sanatoriums Sestroretsk set the thermostat to a Danish heating systems – and a year later they became worthless. Water is then the heating we have is not the same as in Denmark. In pipes of rust, scale, impurities in the water. In the suburbs built production plant thermostats with very different characteristics. Again, additional investment. – In St. Petersburg there are plans to build such a plant? – Any State modernization program calls for serious investment.

In Moscow, adopted a regional energy efficiency program, in accordance with that plan, including through alternative energy sources, over 5 years to reduce energy consumption by 10-15%. To this aim complex target program "Energy saving in Moscow for 2009-2013. and up to 2020. But the capital can not be equated with the rest of Russia. Firstly, it is the most secure region, and secondly, in the capital program involved and private funding. – Can we attract business to such programs, when the builders are many other problems, especially because the market demand more low cost housing? – Sure, we have to do it more complicated than in Moscow. It should be borne in mind that supply the new equipment is not enough: we also need staff who knows how to use it. Incidentally, in the capital of the tenants in the neighborhood Nikulino-2, which I mentioned, there were complaints it Personnel: Sanitary Organization, which took home the service, it was easier to turn off the plate heat exchanger, and let the water run directly than competently operate the modern equipment.