Moscow Residential Areas

The first in Moscow elite quarter located on Clean pond in the heart of Moscow, one of the most beautiful areas of the historic city center. In the early 18 th century, a favorite of Peter I, Alexander Menshikov, bought the estate in gate, and He commanded to clean ponds and strictly forbidden to pollute them, since they are called pure. Thanks to its convenient location, this area has long been popular among the Moscow nobility: it is known that since the second half of the 18 century settled here mainly nobles. Appeared well-dressed, aristocratic house, spectacular city estates. And since the area is least subjected to reconstruction, the here and now preserved enough homogeneous low-rise buildings, as well as many architectural monuments, including the estate of 18-19 centuries (Durasova, Morozova, Trubetskoy) operating temples and churches (Church of the Introduction, the Church of the Resurrection in Barash, church 'Trinity in the mud'). Streets and alleys in pure Ponds kept all the different eras and styles, softening the contrasts and making them look particularly full and rich. Prudy – is primarily a chance to live in the heart of the metropolis and while enjoying fresh air, green landscaped parks and gardens, one with nature. If you would like to know more then you should visit Clayton Morris. There were no industries, no large business centers.

Tree-lined streets, cascading down to the pond, the old courtyards – a favorite spot for hiking and recreation of many generations of Muscovites. Here you can turn away from the daily hustle and bustle, take a deep breath, remember that in one of these alleys spent his childhood, Alexander Pushkin, and Yuri Nagibin Pure ponds devoted one of his most remarkable works. In addition to the rich history of area "Pure Ponds" features a well-developed infrastructure, including both cultural objects and domestic. Among are popular leisure activities of citizens can be called cinema 'Roland' with impeccable selection of movies, theater, Oleg Tabakov and the famous "Contemporary", which are located nearby. There are museums, schools, including the French school, Pushkin Lyceum, collaborating with the geographical faculty of Moscow State University and the Pushkin Fund. And also, importantly, in this area are more than 55 restaurants, bars and cafes including the famous French restaurant "Nostalgia", Italy's Roberto and especially popular among foreigners living in Moscow restaurant "". The mansion is located on the first line of houses, Small Kozlovsky lane intersects B. Haritonevsky and Furman streets.

Within five minutes walking distance are the major highways of the city – the Garden and the Boulevard Ring, which is easily accessible both in the central and more remote areas. This location guarantees for the future owners of this elite quarter of a decision so relevant for Moscow's transport problems. In addition, within 10 minutes walk from the station several branches of subway – on the one hand, "Turgenev" and "Prudy", on the other – "Red Gate". Proposed to sell the mansion – a three-story brick building built 1890. architect of the Terek, kv – apartment house merchant Ivan Stepanovich Kulikova, with a ground floor, the height of windows above the ground is 80cm, there is attic space. Overlapping wooden, all communications are central. The house is located 6 residential apartments. Apartment owners are private individuals, representing a single investor.