Munchen Lochhausen EUR

In the year 2011, real estate agents, private individuals and builders in Munchen Lochhausen sold a total of 273 objects in the categories of apartments and houses. The district Lochhausen belongs to the Munich District 22 “Aubing-Lochhausen Langwied”. The village character of Lochhausen is reflected in the numerous farms and purchase gardening and nurseries. The surroundings of Lochhausen is very green and wooded, and due to the numerous villas and terraced house settlements specially for families with children. (1) real estate prices in the category apartments in Munchen Lochhausen 2011: real estate broker for Munchen Lochhausen sold in 2011 a total of 273 condos and houses (possible double counting), were offered to the majority of new objects (135) with a price per square meter in Munchen Lochhausen EUR 3.700,-. For the 36 objects relating to the stock property the average amounted to EUR 3.300,-per square metre. The newly built homes as well as Stock property were partly equipped with garden and roof terrace. Apartments in the penthouse-style or duplex apartments were offered by real estate agents in Munchen Lochhausen only with two or three objects.

Real estate prices in the category houses in Munchen Lochhausen 2011: in Munchen Lochhausen conveyed a total of 102 houses real estate agent. The portfolio consisted mostly of newly built semi-detached houses (semi-detached). Estate agents in Munchen Lochhausen, these 30 objects of EUR 500,000 and an average floor space of 139 square meters were sold for an average price of real estate. 28 family houses (EFH) from the stock were added. The averages were these offers in the category real estate prices and living space in Munchen Lochhausen EUR 617.000,-and 170 square meters. Also, real estate agent in Munchen Lochhausen offered 16 used semi-detached houses (semi-detached) for an average property price of EUR 460.000,-and an average Living area of 134 square meters on.