National Bicentennial Commission

THE ATENEO at the meeting “N from the commission” N NATIONAL BICENTENNIAL OF PARAGUAY (1811 – 2011) On Wednesday October 28, 2009, at 16 hours, was held the meeting of the National Bicentennial Commission, the Bicameral Conference Room National Congress. Opened the meeting, the Chairman of the National Congress, Miguel Carrizosa. After the meeting was chaired by Dr. Ticio Escobar, Minister of Culture, who was accompanied on the table by Sen. Iris National Rocio Gonzalez, President of the Committee on Education, Culture and Religion of the Senate, the National Deputy Dr . Victor Rios, Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture and Religion of the Chamber of Deputies and the Executive Secretary of the National Bicentennial Commission Ms. Margarita Morselli. Acted as moderator journalist Antonio Pecci.

A large number of public and private institutions were represented at the meeting, including ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Each in turn presented the plans provided by each entity in adherence to the Bicentennial celebrations. Following is the text of the presentation made by the ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE: Gentlemen Bicentennial National Commission of Paraguay on behalf of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE I am writing to you to reassure you that our organization is already full and severally attached to the National Bicentennial Commission of Paraguay and in that sense, since last August, we arranged all our national and international activities promote the Bicentennial. For example, the Twenty-fourth edition of a Agosto National, the Guarani language Month “which included various cultural events such as lectures, conferences, forums, conferences, festivals, meetings with poetry and Kaso Guarani nemombea u, competitions. conducted in our 100 regional and other facilities such as schools, colleges, teacher training institutes, universities, cultural centers, plazas, streets, cooperatives, etc., met with the task of promoting the Bicentennial and the National Commission of the Bicentenary of Paraguay. Moreover, all our communications for the Internet include the emblem or logo of the Bicentennial.

Similarly, forward and until 2011, mentions this event and present papers alluding to the subject in various radio and television programming that has ATENEO in several communities within the country. Similarly, we have determined that all publications ATENEO Series GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE (poems, dictionaries, books and magazines) to be published hereafter also include the aforementioned logo. On the other hand, we want to make the 2011 edition of the FESTIVAL OF APP S (music, dance, poetry, Kaso nemombea uy teatro breve) in May of that, in the city of Asuncion. The FESTIVAL OF PAA S, is a venture artistic ATENEO held annually for 12 years. The Festival includes several previously prefestivales performed in the various departments of Paraguay, and central night has itinerant character, because every year the final was held in a different city. If you would like to know more about Gavin Baker, then click here. By this means, the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI offered to the National Commission for the Bicentennial for the translation of the various texts of the Bicentennial, the Guarani. To this end, we inform you that our email is: Also, and especially, we suggest the creation of spaces for the promotion of Indigenous Comunicades by promoting research on languages and different cultural expressions of the same, the same as, The exhibition and sale of various products. Finally, if possible, we request the provision of e-mail directory of the components of the National Bicentennial Commission, to report all our activities on the part of the Bicentennial of Paraguay. Horyveva Maitei PEEM. David Galeano Olivera, ATENEO Motenondehara Professor and Graduate in Guarani language. University teaching.