National Congress

The accessibility to the INE is a recent victory and this in constant matureness, therefore, if cannot ahead long for the social and pertaining to school inclusion of the exclusion evidences. 1) Public politics for the individuals with necessities special: intersetoriais conceptions. The reflection on possible advances in the overcoming of the social exclusion to the INE has important correspondence with the category of participativa democracy and in the bedding of the trajectory of fight of the society in the agendamento of this question in the scope of the public power. To assure ample social politics that guarantee job, housing, basic sanitation, security, culture, access to science, the technology and a healthful environment, articulating them by means of intersetoriais projects with the health politics and education forms of participation and social development to all are instituted the classrooms where these individuals are interlaced. In this approach, one becomes necessary to consider two important dimensions: the inclusive and potencializador educational process and a participation and envolvement of the State and the civil society with qualification of public politics guaranteeing the quality in the attention to the health in the Only System of Health. E, for the success of both fits to really involve the clear and objective community by means of affirmative politics and educational campaigns through the medias for the combat the preconceptions and clarifying that we are common individuals in equality of rights, thus the potencializao of the actions carried through in the context of the politics if they had affirmed with the perspective of the completeness and inclusion. These colon presented if they had detached the importance in the efetivao of the process by means of the public politics and the capacity of the intersetoriedade as element. Thus, it fits to evidence each one of them specifically presenting its especificidades. In 2001 the National Plan of Education was approved by the National Congress by means of Law n 10.172 (Brazil, 2001) which determined that in ten years the governments (federal, state and municipal) have for commitment to develop improvement plans to fulfill with the described objectives in this law related to the area of the education and including the education special.