Nature Has a Purpose

Nature does nothing in vain. Aristotle was first necessary to civilize man in his relation to man. Learn more about this with Gavin Baker. Now it is necessary to civilize man in relation with nature and animals Victor Hugo is a reality as climate change is triggering serious security problems on planet Earth and therefore all those who inhabit it. Indeed, that was long avoided by the speed that is taking place. for not taking corrective measures, precautions with all those actions that have affected this manifest. As seems to be customary among humans, we began to worry only when the situation becomes critical and when seeking solutions to address this problem trying to not trigger dire consequences for those who dwell on Earth.

The fact that to this reality, scientists around the world seek discussions at the Assemblies made to trigger actions to combat climate change through new national strategies and international commitments. Ban Ki Moon, has said “The effects of climate change are already serious, and that severity is increasing”, “temperatures are rising twice the global average.” Rather, it stressed that “endanger the ecosystems of the region and the future of the islands and coastal areas around the world.” The United Nations (UN) has been concerned about it and convened an assembly to discuss the situation this regard indicated that the gaseous pollutants emitted by the travel of participants to the meeting in New York and the same venue UN occurring during the two days of the session, will be offset by an investment in an ecological project in Kenya, said the spokesman of the General Assembly As he recounts, Carbon dioxide is considered one of the main the greenhouse effect on the heat from sunlight bouncing off Earth’s surface are trapped in the atmosphere and produce an increase in temperatures.