New Rules For The Lottery

NTC rules when completing the tip slip. Lotto and the rules of the game, who would have thought? Who would like to crack the jackpot not: quick a few numbers on the ticket check and it can go? Who plays so, brings to his own advantage. Because who followed simple rules of the game, type better. The book “Play Lotto with brains” of Tizian Berg shows how to do it right and has found many readers. Why not also playing the Lotto? Rules of the game constantly accompany us in life and give us orientation. The widespread adoption of the Lotto in the minds of the players, it’s all just coincidence, luck, is wrong. Optimization of the numbers is the solution.

She has actually nothing to do with the lottery, but has its origins in the mathematical combinatorics. The tip on the lottery ticket be fields while not more arbitrary and random. Instead, the game numbers must be used just in the right proportion. “Who crosses his personal lucky numbers according to simple rules, can work with same usage double his chances of winning. Who does not, brings himself to his own advantage”, Tizian Berg says in his book”Play Lotto with brains”. Thus, he brings more light into the prejudices about one of the most popular games of chance. Lottery is still a game of chance, for which 6 numbers are correct, cannot be predicted. But who taps his favorite lucky numbers, would be wise to follow game rules.

So, small gains can be made even more often, so that it is not empty.