New To Macro IDENT: Datalogic QuickScan Bar Code Reader

QuickScan QD2100 is ideal for light manufacturing and labeling applications, where small bar codes must be read to the QuickScan QD2100 is characterized by an excellent read performance in difficult to read, poorly printed and damaged bar codes and is designed for the reading of 1 d code and the new linear GS1 DatBar codes. He is small, light, extremely user-friendly, ergonomic and is suitable for daily applications. The daily usage areas are the commercial, document processing as well as courier and postal applications. The QuickScan barcode scanner reads barcodes up to a resolution of 4 mils, which he is perfectly suited for reading very small labels on foods, jewellery and cosmetics and toiletries in the trade. He is also ideally suited for light manufacturing and labelling applications where small bar codes must be read. Particularly durable scanner distinguishes itself, because it is equipped without moving parts and for the Longevity has been developed. The new is equipped scanner with which Datalogic known and patented “green spot” technology for the Visual confirmation of reading, which is very useful in noisy environments. The QuickScan QD2100 was equipped with a removable scanner window, which can be cleaned and the scanner always like new looks.

The removable scanner window Kit allows the cleaning or the replacement of scanner glass dirty, scratched or damaged. Is always “as new” the scanner when using this equipment, avoid downtime and costs for the repair of damaged readers, and finally, the environmental impact is reduced. Its light weight and its ergonomic pistol form provide the user friendliness of the bar code scanner for scan-intensive workflows. The fast and powerful decoder of the QuickScan QD2100 reads easily low contrast, poorly printed, and even damaged bar codes, which increases productivity. Through the Advanced Depth of field of the QuickScan imager reads the scanner barcodes from a distance, what eliminates the need for the purchase of multiple scanners for different applications.