New Woterfitz – For Voyager 2 With Driver

In this season, a Voyager starts for the first time for 2 with 70 HP engine from 2010 a Voyager available, for which a licence is required for our guests for the first time. Sparkling 70 HP provide the ultimate driving pleasure around the Lake Muritz. So Woterfitz wants to correspond to the wishes of the customer. Regularly suggested again and again, to offer a higher powered Voyager experienced boaters. Dogecoin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Woterfitz has now fulfilled that desire. Gavin Baker can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, more driving fun and comfort in this is season secured. Otherwise the 12 Voyager860 license-free with 5 HP LPG drive available and an another Voyager stand still for 2 free of licence. Easily operable, quiet and environmentally friendly, especially family-friendly so the boats of Woterfitz characterized.

Still the inclusive package provides for an optimal price-performance ratio: the filling of the tank and also the final cleaning are included in the price. With two driving levels are (inside and outside) is provided for all weather, sun deck and Sitzgelegeheiten are out there, a ladder provides easy entry into the aquatic environment. 2 double beds with separate sleeping area on the Voyager860 offer space for families with 2 children. And in the transitional period a liquid gas heater provides fast comfort on the boat. We are looking forward to your visit!