New York

Inside, of course, I was disgusted, but otherwise – not. Without an invitation from a reliable solid firm entry visa to the United States will not give. In front of me at the consulate was held interview group, 20 people – they were going to exchange experiences. Since they have collected $ 20 and sent to their homes: that your experience is not needed, although a similar group of Americans, our side has. meet So, with a copy of the contract and with the ticket there – you are flying back to New York. Despite the fact that the contract between me as an employee and an American intermediary agencies was signed at home – in what kind of family I will be working in the States, it appears already in very New York, and then not immediately.

I was greeted at Kennedy Airport the president of this company – a daughter of one professor from Leningrad – and drove to the hotel, where rooms in a specially filmed newcomers live 2-3 days, until firm it looks for the family. U.S. citizens – both indigenous and immigration – if they need a housekeeper, turning back to the application, and as we come back, get acquainted with us and choose us – usually one of 4-5 candidates. First – Interview: Who are you that yes, how many children to grow up, how many grandchildren. The final decision for the owners, but we also can choose from. If I felt that I did not cope with a child of three, could refuse, but I have children I love, I had two granddaughters.