News V Real Estate Agencies

It must be remembered that the news agency and real estate agency – they are two completely different structures. As news agencies sell the information, the client, conducting the search for housing for rent – is, in fact, the scheme of "cash in advance". Paying money to 1500-3000 rubles. the client receives information on the reliability and relevance of that very soon there could be big doubts. Most often, an apartment, offered by news agencies, or deposited, either do not exist at all.

Claims to the news agency about wasting money for unwithdrawn housing almost never has prospects, since you only pay for the information and provide it to you, therefore, the contract is executed. You can certainly find an apartment in the resort to the old ways – stick ads on bus stops and on the boards information near the houses, but the likelihood that your ad will notice small, so this method is extremely inefficient. In any case, if you find yourself an apartment or through intermediaries, we must remember that the most important – it properly concluded contract – this is the main evidence that you have rented an apartment, only with the agreement on the hands can assert their rights if the landlord violates the terms of the agreement, including a court order. After all, the problem better to prevent than to unravel. The contract is concluded only with the owner of the home and only in writing.

The contract must be stated: * passport details of the owner and tenant; * Address Apartments * timing and amount of the lease; * date of making payment. In addition, make an act, which will include all appliances and furniture, leased. At calculations necessary to issue a receipt for the money – it will serve as the primary evidence that you are its obligations to pay rent performing. Also, once discussed and list the conditions for payment of utilities, telephone, internet – in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, disputes and claims.