Noe Tata Chief

It was not very high, but the funny thing was that it was considered a more indigenous. If skin was almost white Creoles and the particulars of its eyes were the color of the sky. Some of his children took out the eye color. He was my Tata Noah, my grandfather, chief of communities and Mollepata Mollebamba. Always working, whether in their fields that they had intended the villagers, as well as at home around your machine to make ice cream with fruit. It was what I liked best, the frozen fruit, so diverse and delicious in my few years of life. Her favorite children was my Grandfather, his eldest son followed the tradition of their ancestors and married his first cousin and had my father.

Which was also his favorite, as I was when I was born too. I had my Mamacona Herlinda how she had cried when I was born bleeding in the eye. It was several days into the hills to make their ceremony to their ancestors and to ask Apus heal me of what I had at birth. He did not come in a month and had to return as my great grandmother, I arrive emaciated by fasting for his dear and beloved grandson, but happy because the coca leaf had indicated it was a sign. The beginning of the era of the condor, a legacy that we only know the elect of panakas that was transmitted from generation to generation as a duty. As I remember my grandfather in the largest room of the house, with your ice cream maker, was brought to her by my ayita, who was also my friend's play, although he was older, I remember your name or nickname: Yume it means in culli, he who keeps the sacred.