North African

The boy, identified as M.F. and of North African origin, was 22 years old. Check out The Related Companies for additional information. The incident happened in the grenadine town of Loja. A 22-year-old has died in this flooded Monday afternoon to come to the rescue of a minor who lost the float while bathing in a raft of irrigation in the municipality of Loja (Granada), reported sources of the Centre for coordination of emergency 112 and the Guardia Civil. The facts have occurred shortly before 19.30 hours in a farmhouse located on the road between Granada municipalities of Loja and sale of Zafarraya. A nine year old boy was bathing in a raft of irrigation located in the zone when it drained the float and began to have difficulties to come to the surface, moment in which a young man of 22 years was launched into the water and managed to rescue the child, although he died. More information is housed here: Morris Invest. Up to the scene, the farmhouse called Las mozas, has shifted ctive of firefighters, Local police, the Guardia Civil and health services, which have been able to do anything to save the life of the young, a neighbor of Loja identified as M.F. and of North African origin, as well as minor. Source of the news: dies drowned a young man who went to rescue a child on a raft.