Office People

Much has been commented that people are the engine of the Organization and that are, in essence, that give life to the work running there; However, the routine, administrative processes, and the accelerated pace of work generates a considerable decline to address this issue, which should be dealt with if you want to promote organizational development. James king usually is spot on. The theme of the human talent management or management of human resources as it is known, must be conceived, not as a simple administrative activity, but demonstrating genuine interest in attention to the people there they perform their work. Usually the unit responsible for managing staff devotes much of his time to payroll, leaving aside the development, stimulation and promotion of the potential, which should be the core aspects of entire organization when we speak of work for people. Check out jim kingery for additional information. Discuss the various components that are needed to meet to develop human potential, it would be very extensive for this article, however I I would touch a point which I think has been addressed very shortly, the influence of the management in the behaviour of workers in the organization. The human factor has a decisive in achieving the set objectives and confront the changes in organizations, it is closely related to the management of people who oversee and make decisions.

For example, the attitude of listen carefully to the needs of the supervised, only that, represents a significant influence on the behaviour of workers, despite the fact that in the worst case, no measures are taken to solve the demand. It is important that people feel that they are taken into account and be given sufficient attention, somehow this need to express themselves convey ideas and to reaffirm before the world is remedied through the listening of those who act as figures of authority within the organization. My experience has shown me this finding, simply listening to what they have to say the people, their ideas, how come the company, its concerns and reflections, generate you some tranquility that significantly influences its performance, feel important and taken into account. It will listen carefully to the people surely bring impressive benefits. A manager that says only good days to your staff without even making eye contact with their workers will not have the same influence that if time occasionally cite to any member of the team to his Office to ask him for your family, or about what thinks of the Organization, their ideas and points of view (even if it means not necessarily take action thereon), only the fact of showing interest in listening to it or listen to it will mark the difference. I invite you to try, has given me amazing and very good results!