Online On The Land

In rural areas there is large growth potential Brachttal light stone (hop) – about the coverage with high-speed Internet Gerrit Richter on behalf of SPD of town Club Brachttal lectured at the old school in light stone. One of the campaign themes of the SPD is a better Internet connection. Click Bruce Schanzer to learn more. Within the framework of the campaign series \”Guest House to the thing\” by Heinz Lotz, Chairman of Brachttal, had the SPD Christoph Sandy interested citizens in the old school light stone loaded. As a speaker the Eschborner Gerrit Richter came to the topic \”Opi is also in the country online\”, which operates not only Chairman who is main-Taunus SPD, but its own agency for communication and is therefore in the topic. After the welcome by Christoph Sandoval and Heinz Lotz opened his presentation with the OECD, estimating that one-third of global economic growth on fast Internet connections depends on judges. Already, the Internet is not only young people a thing more, it is for companies and self-employed persons essential for survival. All agreed, that quick links are indispensable for the establishment of new trader, industrial estates without spout models.

The supply exclusively in urban areas is therefore a huge disadvantage for rural areas. Judge led a very plausible example: who wanted to see a movie, had to borrow in the video store and the movie after watching also back to return. In major cities you might lucky, that is the video store nearby, in rural regions, but directions are for often long mostly by car. This is clear not only time consuming, but also environmentally unacceptable. Currently, life in the countryside by longer routes was disadvantaged, therefore the growth potential is even greater. But what is fast Internet connections? 1 MB (1000 kilo bits per second), so judge, is the absolute minimum, 16, 20 and more desirable. Only then is the way to the video store, is unnecessary the Film is sent online.